A tour in the wonderland of math with python

Todd-Coxeter Algorithm and Wythoff Construction of Polytopes

(All images and videos in this page are made with this program.)

This project is motivated by the excellent math movie dimensions, you can compare the result here with the movie to check if I managed to reproduce the effects there:

The approach of using Todd-Coxeter algorithm to compute the data of a polytope is motivated by Jenn3d.

Requirements: numpy and the free raytracer POV-Ray.


  1. Platonic solids and Archimedean solids:

    Here is a video shows the omnitruncated dodecahedron:

  2. Regular/Uniform 4d Polytopes:

    • 5-cell:
    • Hypercube:
    • Runcinated 16-cell:
    • Cantitruncated 24-cell:
    • Runcitruncated 120-cell:
    • 600-cell: